ASTHRA – Live Classes  Terms & Conditions


These terms along with those terms contained in the Termination Clause set out to define the contractual terms that are signed between ASTHRA-Live Classes and students (“Students”) in relation to the ASTHRA-Live Classes Programme.

Once enrolment is accepted by ASTHRA-Live Classes, these Terms and Conditions become legally binding. All students agree to be bound by the regulations, policies and procedures of ASTHRA. However, placement in company after the successful completion of the program is subjected to the performance of the student

  • Cancellation of admission and Refund policy.
    Abstaining from class for four consecutive sessions without prior permission.

    • Failure to pay the fee on time

    • Violation of rules and regulations of ASTHRA-Live Classes in any form

    • Going on a break without intimating/informing/obtaining permission from the management.

    • If the student is expelled or suspended, no refund will be initiated.

    • Once the main bootcamp candidature is confirmed refund will not be provided

    • If you have placed in any other source apart from ASTHRA refund will not be provided.

  • Transfer
    Shifting from one batch to another is termed as transfer. This transfer will be initiated by our management team in the following instances

    • After receiving a request from the candidate via email to hello@myasthra.com.

    • Maximum 2 batch switches will be allowed.

    • After submitting a request to his/her it will be processed in 3-4 days.
      Approval for a break or transfer is in the hands of the management and is based on necessity or urgency of the case. In the event of transfer, a suitable batch, based upon the availability of seats, will be allotted to the student. Management can reject the request if not found valid enough for the transfer. The decision will be final and no request will be entertained further.

  • Break
    A break can be initiated in the following instances

    • No break availed before

    • Duration not exceeding 10 days
      When a student is on break, changes in course structure, up-gradation or dropping of a course might occur. In the event of a student taking a break on his/her rejoining and if the course fee has been raised the student has to pay the difference in the fee and no refunds will be initiated

  • Placement assistance
    The following constitute the terms and conditions to which the applicants agree when enrolling in Live Classes Career ProgramsTerms & Conditions. If you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions not only as an individual but also on behalf of your company or other legal entity then, Customer or you or your shall refer to such entity and its affiliates, and you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity and its affiliates to these Terms & Conditions and you are binding your company to these Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree with these Terms & Conditions, you must not accept these Terms & Conditions and may not use the documentation, whether printed or available online, provided by ASTHRA in relation to the Live Classes Program(includes ‘Course material’). ASTHRA reserves the right to review and update these Terms & conditions periodically at its sole discretion.

    Terms of Service for Placement

    • The window for placement will be opened, following the completion of the ‘Main Boot camp’ of Live Classes Course that you have opted for enrollment (the same is applicable for both 3 & 6-month course period).

    • Among the two phases of the entire placement service, the ‘Ultimate Placement phase’ follows the ‘Preparation phase’. Where the ‘Preparation phase’ will begin right after passing the Placement eligibility criteria in the Mainbootcamp. This phase is subjected not to exceed 3 months.

    • The ‘Preparation phase’ can be considered as the ‘Buffer Period’ for your convenience to complete your Project Portfolio, Ongoing Projects, and other Pending Assignment related to the ‘Main Boot Camp’.

    • The “Ultimate Placement phase” starts to open after the “Preparation phase.” A maximum of six months is allowed for the Career Opportunities window for this phase. You will receive a minimum of 75 career chances during this time.

    • If the learner got the career opportunity, the placement service will be freezed

    • The learner can utlize the maximun of 75 placement opportunities.

    • Post ‘Ultimate Placement phase’, we(ASTHRA) shall be entitled to terminate these terms and conditions & cease to provide you with any services with immediate effect of the completion of the tenure(6 months) of the ‘Ultimate Placement Phase.

    • You shall not be provided with any break period in either phase of the entire placement services

    • Upon failing to adhere to the tenure period in each phase, for the completion of actions/tasks relevant to the phase, you shall not be allowed to access the placement services.

  • Terms for the Cease of Placement Services

    • If you fail to complete a minimum 80% of either the tasks or of the entire course in which you’ve enrolled, then we are unable to either refund the course fees or guarantee placement and other services associated with it.

    • You must fulfill the cut-off score requirement by scoring a minimum of 75% in the eligibility assessment conducted by the designated mentors-cum-assessors.

    • Your inactive or zero participation in the hackathons and mock interviews will be counted as a factor to conclude your placement services. Your active participatioand completion of two hackathons, two mock interviews, and one capstone project are considered mandatory.

    • Failing to meet any of the above criteria will result in ceasing of placement support and there will be termination of all the services by ASTHRA.

    • During the interview and placement phases, the learner should not directly approach/connect with the recruiting company.

    • Misconduct in any form during Placement Preparation and Ultimate Placement phase is an offense and you will be terminated from the ASTHRA’s services in all forms.

  • Terms for attending the ‘Ultimate Placement Phase

    • After succeeding from the ‘Preparation Phase’, you shall be considered as an eligible candidate for the ‘Ultimate Placement Phase’. This phase opens up the window for scheduling interviews along with the company details and job offer notifications.

    • There will be a 24-hr deadline for applying to each job opportunity. Applications received within this deadline will only be considered for attending the placement interviews.

    • You shall be obliged to attend the interviews & finish the relevant tasks assigned by the company that you applied for the job placement. Failing to do so more than 3 times will disqualify you from the ‘Ultimate Placement Phase’.

    • For any unavoidable or emergency situations in this phase, you are required to keep the placement team informed through a written notice/email.

    • You shall be obliged to accept the job offer when the company offers an opportunity (as mentioned in the job description earlier job notification). Failing to accept this job offer will be accountable for disqualification from the ‘Ultimate Placement Phase’.

    • Any acts of malpractice, either in the project/portfolio preparation or in the two phases of the placement process, will lead to instant termination. Further, shall make you inaccessible to our placement services.

    • Our placement services shall cease once you get the first job offer that you’ve applied for through Live Classes Class Placement Cell.

    • All the queries or doubts associated with the placement shall be communicated by you through an email only. and must be addressed to the Live Classes placement cell email address -hello@myasthra.com
      You shall be entitled to certification only when you succeed in the completion of the main boot camp of the Live Classes Class Career Program.

    • For any opportunities shared, response to the learner will be shared by ASTHRA based on the feedback from the hiring companies which will take minimum 30 days to maximum 50 days.

    • Hiring company’s offer (opportunities) and packages shared will be based on the market demand

  • Expulsion and Suspension
    If I do any of the following during my study period, ASTHRA has all the right to expel or suspend me from the Live Classes Class.

    • Taking frequent leaves (continuous 4 days) in ASTHRA-Live Classes Class without email intimation (hello@myasthra.com)

    • Non-submission of daily assignments for more than two days without proper intimation.

    • Any sort of malpractice during Live Classes Class assessments

    • Any sort of malpractice while attending interviews/hackathons

    • Improper/ unceremonious behavior during Live Live Classes Classes

    • Skipping Mock interview or Placement interviews without email intimation

    • Skipping more than two interviews

    • No public channels are not allowed like (Telegram, WhatsApp, etc). This is to comply with the privacy regulations of the government.

    • Not completing the full payment or EMI within the due date.

    • Misuse of ASTHRA names in any social media

  • ASTHRA-Privacy Policy -myasthra.comprivacy-policy

  • ASTHRA-Terms of service – myasthra.com/terms-of-service


  • I adhere to the current batch or course terms & conditions which to be followed.

  • I will maintain a minimum of 85% attendance on all days for the entire duration of the program.

  • I will be on time for the classes and if I am late, I will be marked absent for that particular day.

  • I will not take uninformed leave and if I want to avail leave, I will send a mail request to-hello@myasthra.com

  • I will submit all my assignments and complete all my mini-projects and other projects on time during the course.

  • I will participate in the Placement process only after successful completion and placement eligibility criteria of the course.

  • I completely understand the Cancellation of admission and Refund policy.

  • I will take sole responsibility for the Educational loan taken by me for pursuing this course.

  • I understand that my effort also includes the performance in the weekly topic-wise assessments ie., 75% marks in the assessment and mock interview conducted by ASTHRA

  • If I fail the test(s), then the management is not responsible for providing assisting jobs.

  • I understand that the placement will be void and refund will not be given if I have any pending arrears in the degree of study, availed long leave and performed below the expectations.

  • I know that i can avail one course switch within 7 working days of main bootcamp starting date.

  • I will pay my Live Classes class fees before the last day mentioned by ASTHRA-Live Classes team.

  • I understand that once I receive an offer from a company through ASTHRA-Live Classes, my association with ASTHRA gets terminated in all forms.

  • I understand that the placement window will be open for 6 months

  • If I accept an offer from a company, I am bound to join that company without fail. I also understand that I am not eligible for dual offers.

  • By accepting above ASTHRA-Live Classes terms and conditions, I hereby acknowledge that I have completely read and fully understood the terms and conditions set by ASTHRA-Live Classes team and will adhere to the same.

You represent and warrant that – I have read, fully understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of this agreement.